Sports Complex

Saturday night May 6th, a new day dawned in the world of church sponsored athletics. Rain couldn't stop it. The humidity and frizzy hair couldn't spoil it. It was a day to remember, the day Healing Place Church officially opened up it's sports complex.

The opening ceremonies started by showcasing all the ball teams that will be the first to play on these brand new fields. Each team ran onto the field as they were announced. Many players making sure to stomp on the very freshly painted clean white bases. Dean and I are coaching The Bandits! The girls and I have already decided on a cool Bandit-like move to make when someone comes home, this is gonna be fun!

The national anthem was brought, and I do mean brought! by Mrs. Shawn Wilkerson. The fields were dedicated and prayed over by our pastor, Dino Rizzo and his father in law, The Right Reverend Mr. Wayne Austin, and Dino threw out the first pitch which almost killed a camera man. Kids jumped on jumpy things, ate hamburgers and pop corn and got as dirty as Louisiana after the rain humidity could get them.

There is a box where some live, a nice little box with a steeple and plush pews full of the righteous. But outside that box there is the lost. Some sitting in stadiums watching sports, some playing Lord of the Rings Trivia with the geek squad but all will be welcome at HPC and I just absolutely love that about my church!!


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