Oh what a feelin'

If you have a head full of pollups one day and then the next day they are gone, you truly appreciate what it means to have open air passages. That is me today, I can feel the difference, air is flowing throughout my sinus cavities. My surgery went very well.

I ran a few errand with my mom today (She drove of course) I absolutely had to go pick up the shoes I had ordered off Ebay, (anything I order from Ebay is delivered to my work so Dean doesn't have a heart attack!) no residual anesthesia, bloody draining from the nostrils or dizziness is gonna stop me from getting my shoes! Oh, and I had ordered the study journals for the Captivating study we are doing and they were there too, so I got spiritual and fashionable items today from Ebay :-)

Pray for my smeller. It hasn't come back yet. The doc said it should once everything is healed in there so I am looking forward to that. I just hope I don't get fat from wanting to eat everything in sight-it will be great to smell coffee again, and Mexican food, I love Mexican food.


Anonymous said…
Carol, would your nose bleed if you blew to hard? I have pollops too.

Maybe I should just call to ask you this stuff...YUK!
Anonymous said…
Carole, I'm glad you're doing fine. I love you.

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