I love Switchfoot. I don't talk much about them but I can listen to any of their CD's in there entierty and enjoy just about every song.

I like Chaka Khan too. I have the best of Chaka Khan, "Aint no body, love me better.." that's a good one. It's more R&B then my usual taste but I enjoy it.

I burned me a CD the other day at Lorri's. I got Nirvana's "Spells like Teen Spirit". I remember seeing Nirvana on Saturday Night live. I didn't know who they were, at the time I didn't listen to secular music at all. They sang Smells Like Teen Spirit and I remember thinking "good Lord, what is that?!" It sounded so like noise. The beginning of Grunge Rock. I grew to like some of it but not much.

I Like KLove, the Christian radio station here but they do the same thing that pop radio does, play the top 20 songs over and over again. Todd Agnu is one of the singers they play way too much. I really can not stand his music or his voice. I always like Chris Rice and Third Day. They really are the best to me. The only worship CD's I listen to is Third Day offerings one and two. That's my morning drive meditation music.

John Mayer is my all time anytime music. I just love his lyrics, his voice, his guitar playing. Evangeline always says "mom, not John Mayer again!" His new one, "Try" is bluesy and it is my favorite. Steele likes to sing along with the song "Gravity", at the end John Mayer repeats "keep me where the light is, where the light is.." Steele sings "where the light is" over and over along with John, it's very cute. He likes Grillz by Nelly too and "This is How a Heart Breaks" by Rob Thomas but Steele loves, much to my dismay, Veggie Tales Sunday School songs! Yes, we bought him the CD so I only have myself to blame but man does he get mad when you turn of "B-I-B-L-E"! Evangeline does the sign language and he tries to do it too.

I love that music is the background melody of life.Everything, and I do mean everything, reminds me of a song and most familiar songs remind of an event, person or thing also. I can't imagine life without music, lots of music.


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