We just returned from taking my mom to the airport. She came to take care of me while I recovered from my sinus surgery. She did the same back in 1991 when I had this surgery the first time. She is 58 and I am 38 but at times like these I still want my mom. I have a husband now who would have done an excellent job, but I'm sure glad she came.

As I was driving home I started to think of all the great things she gave me. My love of reading comes from her. She was always reading. After I had read the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings as a 12 yr old she gave me the stuffed dog that I named Frodo. I still have that stuffed animal and everyone knows how much I love Lord of The Rings.

I was one and my sister was two, when my dad left, my mom was 20. She was a single mother in 1968 with a high school education. She did the very best she could. She moved us in with my grandparents and gave us some form of stability. Because of that the seeds of faith were planted in my heart by my grandmother, and I will be eternally grateful.

I remember being 10 and looking into her closet. She had two pair of pants and four shirts. I remember thinking that she didn't have so we could have. I remember thinking how much she must love me.

I definitely get my strait forwardness from her. No need beating around the bush, be real and just say what you mean. I'm glad for that. Also the independent spirit so embedded in me is from growing up with a single mom. She worked, we cleaned and cooked. I say that with all gratitude, I love that I could move out on my own at 17 and be able to take care of myself.

yesterday my mom bought us all stuff for our upcoming birthdays. I definitely get my love of shopping from her.She bought me a bird bath and a bird feeder for my little side patio garden. It was so important to her that I see the birds in the morning and now every time I look out at the birds eating from the bird feeder or bathing in the bird bath I will think of her and this very special mothers day. Thank you Mom.


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