Lost was great. I told Dean more then once that if they kill off Echo I'm not watching next year! I don't think him, Desmond or Locke are dead. I loved that Penny was still looking for him! I'm sorry but that show is just good. My theory is that when they turned the key, it released all the magnetic stuff and so now the island can be detected by radar. That would really mess up next year and the whole "Lost" thing but I'm quite sure they will find away to explain it all and make the survivors still "lost". Dean said he heard that next year will tell us all about The Others, how they got there, etc. The bummer and yet kinda good thing is Lost will run 5 new episodes in Sept-October w/ no reruns, then there will not be another Lost on until February!! Which will free up my Wednesday nights but man will I be jonesin' for some Lost! If you don't watch, get the first season, season two will be available in October.


Robin said…
CT, this is GW. We had a B-Day party for Robert, Randy's 1st born tonight. Sorry we couldn't get to Steele's - I was looking forward to it but found out about the other today. Check out my blog. A put down a few paragraphs just now.I am watching crash - upon your recommendation. we will discuss later. Tell all hello. My new saying - 'may your mouth and your hands be saying the same thing'.

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