Captivating Nuggets

We are starting the Captivating study this Sunday night. There isn't really a work book with it but a Study Journal. We are all very excited.

I have one friend who could only read the back cover, front and back flap the first night because it sent her into a crying jag! It really is that kind of book to some. But I also know of others that absolutly hate it and what it has to say.

I am beginnig to think this books reception is soley based on where you are at the time you read it. For me, it said nothing about self love but rather finding who you are in Christ so you can fullfill His will for your life. It is controversial because it is very definatley for the Christian women of today. No matter how much people would have us regress into 1955, we cannot, we live in a world saturated by sex, violence and compelte evil all around, we have to know how to live for Christ in this time, not with our heads barried in the sand but with the restfull heart only God can give.

I am excited about the Beth Moores, Christine Cane's and Stasi Eldridges of the world, they are speaking to a generation of women who want so badly to be in His will completely.

Here are some great nuggets from the book. If you have time, get the journal and the book.

..Instead of making me someone else he is making me
more me.

...The more His we become the more ourselves we
become; more our true selves.

...Gentle and quiet spirit means a heart quieted by
His love and filled with His peace. Not a heart that
is stirring and restless.

and my favorite..

..a woman of true beauty offers others the grace to
and the room to become.


Anonymous said…
Carole, Carole, Carole........
Captivating and Grillz, C.S. Lewis student and clothes-aholic; please see if Dee has any openings for you today. I do love your diversity and you do make me smile.
I think your hyper-bole is showing :) Anne

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