The awakened soul...

"The average sensual man, who is selfish, tipsy, a trifle sharp in his dealings is certainly by ordinary standards lower then the man whose soul is filled with some great cause, to which he will subordinate his appetite, his fortune and even his security. But out of this man something really fiendish can be made.

It is the greatest men, potential saints, not little men, who become merciless fanatics. Those who are readiest to die for a cause may easily become those who are readiest to kill for it.

The supernatural entering a human soul, opens to it new possibilities both of good and evil. Either to sanctity, love, humility or to spiritual pride, self righteousness and persecuting zeal. There is no way back to the humdrum virtues and vices of the unawakened soul.

Of all bad men, religious bad men are the worse.
Of all created beings the wickedest is the one who originally stood in the immediate presence of God. The devils natural gifts were as far above ours as ours gifts are a chimpanzee.

Many have overcome cowardice, lust or ill temper by learning to think that they are beneath their dignity-that is pride.
The Devil is perfectly content to have you chaste, self controlled and brave so long as you set up under the dictatorship of pride."

C.S. Lewis


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