It was a normal morning of getting E ready for school and me getting ready. I was not going to work though, I was going to a meeting at the church with Edwin Williams. Edwin is the guy over the life groups at our church. We were meeting to discuss "The Wardrobe and the White Tree-Book Club" a life group that I want to start. I had hardly slept and now I was still just as nervous.

As I drove E to school and then took Steele to Shawn's house (she watched him while I had my meeting) I prayed and thought about the magnitude of this meeting. I was so freaked! See, I had submitted a request to start a life group a year and a half ago, I got a dead end then so I just laid it down and figured God just didn't want me to do it, and that was fine. Well then a month ago I get an E-mail that says "here is the life group application you requested" I was like, "OK, I didn't request one but I'll play along." I filled it out, submitted my write up about the group I wanted to start and now here I was meeting with the guy in charge of them all and I was scared to death. "what if it's a go? What if they tell you you cant drink wine anymore? What if you get it going and no one comes? What if hundreds come? Oh, you are so not ready for this!!" That is just a sample of my obsessive compulsive thought process.

Well, I met with Edwin and he was just the greatest. Really, I was not intimidated, he was kind and what is weird is that I had always seen him at church and thought how kind and "Jesus" looking he was. You know what I'm talking about,those people that just look like they prayed for an hour before church and they have that wonderfully kind face, that was him. We don't all have that great countenance gift, maybe we are supposed too, I don't know but the ones who have it are very blessed. Anyway, we did talk wine and just how there are some things that are your right that you give up when you are in ministry simply for the ones you are trying to reach. I had prayed that God would have Edwin say something that really spoke to me and that did. He didn't say "you have too" He told me to pray about it. He also loaded me down with so many other things to think and pray about. Our church's moto is Reach, Build, Give and Serve. A life groups goal is to do those things so I have to make sure this life group does all that.

I now have to find some Ringer geeks that want to be a part of this group!! Know anyone? It's only going to be from June till August, three months of studying the Christian elements in The Lord of The Rings. I need the lost Ringer geeks, 16 and up, who maybe wouldn't go to church but will study Tolkien. I also need the found one's but if we are not reaching the lost, we are not doing the "reach" part. I have a great idea for the Give/Serve, the New Orleans school libraries are in the process of restocking so we could do a book drive!

I have always believed God had a purpose for my obsession, that He had me learn all this for a reason. I do feel that there are high schooler and young adults that feel just too geeked out to fit in at church. They like fantasy and sci-fi, and they are considered weird, even demonic by some. But I think there is a place for them. God created and some men sub create little worlds. Like anything else, it has been corrupted and used for the enemy but I believe Tolkien, Lewis, George Mac Donald, G.K. Chesterton and many others were used by God. I hope to study all that in this group.

I would also like to have some of the "Lord of the Rings is demonic" people in there. Not so much to convince them to like LOTR but just to show them that it's not and more then anything show them how it can be used to reach a lost geek.

I want to get a shirt made that says "embrace the geek within-Jesus did!"


agardana said…
Hey, I am praying for you too. I think it will be awesome. Sometimes as we dive into the deep end there are things you have to take off so you won't sink, especially if you are diving in to rescue another. Just like missionaries take off the weights of American comforts there are things that help us move into the right place "for such a time as this." I think this is going to be great for those who come to the life group and for you. One of the things I have learned over the past few years is that we gain more from those we help a lot of the time than they do from us. Keep pressing in. Stacie
Robin said…
CT, Geek - an intersting term used to describe those given to more cerebral pursuits, correct? I believe the richest man in the world is a Geek. Bill Gates is definitly a geek. But it is his gifting in that area that has brought alot of great ideas to the wolrd. We need to stop worrying if our kid can hit/shoot a ball and make sure he can do advanced math and science/chemistry.I told Robin this the other day, so much is placed on sports and academics is a sideline to just do during the day so we can get back to practice. Am I off here? American school kids are slipping down the list as to the best educated ones in the world. We are not even in the top ten anymore. So, I think JRT and CSL's works can provoke thought - good, productive thought that can inspire young people to be more and to do more than they thought possible. Go for it. Look for existing clubs about JRT and see if they would be interested or point you in the right direction.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Georgie, but I must add...My 12 year old can do high school algebra AND throw a tight spiral into the hands of his receiver AND throw your behind OUT if you're thinking about stealing second. Just havin' some fun...
Anonymous said…
Karen, Sounds like a future LSU signee!

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