Submission, Submission, Submission Part 1

Christian men love to hear that the bible says for wives to submit to their husbands. I can not tell you how many times I heard "submit woman!" before I got married. So many single guys I knew loved to dream of the day that they could say that legitimately to their wives. They were teasing when they said it to me but they still loved that they could say it and feel at least a little justified by scripture. And I would always think "oh yea, I will have to "submit" to my husband one day, yuck!"

But as I grew in the Lord I found out that my "yuck" was unfounded and their "submit woman!" was too. Of all the men that said that when we were single, I feel sure that very few would or could say it seriously now that they are married.

Ephesians 5 tells women to submit to their husbands a total of 2 times. And Col. 3:17 one time. Ephesians 5 tells husbands to love their wives 3 times and Col. 3:17 repeats that command. We as women are to submit to our husbands as unto the lord. But husbands have to love us as much as his own body and as Christ loves the church! That is some serious stuff. Why don't Christian women go around playfully saying "love man!" like men say "submit woman!" Why do women struggle so much with what it means to submit? I think it's the devils way of keeping us away from what really matters.

The main theme of scripture is redemption, salvation through Christ and what we do after we receive that for ourselves, to help others receive that gift. Marriage, children, jobs, every thing is to bring glory to God. The bible says if he is lifted up, He will draw all men to Him. What if every Christian man you knew loved His wife as Christ loved the church, do you really think you would have a hard time "buying" his Christianity? Would his children have a hard time respecting and honoring him? Would it be really hard for his wife to submit to him? I think not. She is to submit as unto the lord. What makes us submit to the lord? His love, grace, and ultimate sacrifice. Christ gave His life for us, how many husbands wont even give up a few hours of TV?

How many wives pray for their husbands to love them as Christ loves the church? How many single woman pray that one day they will marry a man that loves her as Christ loves the church, more then he loves even his own body? The single women I knew prayed for ministers, and men of God who they could follow and what they got were ministers and men of God that didn't know one thing about loving them as Christ loved the church all they knew was how to serve God, minister to others but not how to be Jesus to their own wife and kids.

God gave us specific instructions on marriage because this union represents Christ to our children and the world. The husband and the wife both contribute their unique part. If the devil can get us off balance with the whole submission thing, he has suceeded in destroying one very large aspect of our witness to the world.

Stay tuned for part two-"Ephesians 5:21-Submit to each other? Even husbands to wives?"


Anonymous said…
Carol, It's not necessarily submission that husband are looking for, It's SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGMENT! Dean is a happy man b/c you support and encourage him. Ladies, you want to be married to a man of God then treat him like one.
Anonymous said…
The previous message was sent by me:)
Anonymous said…
Ron, define support and encouragement for husbands. I want that, too.
Anonymous said…
I love you Karen.
Anonymous said…
I love you, too. But....

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