We watched The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe last night. Of course we had to buy the DVD for my collection. It was so good to see it again. I cant say that I love it like I do Lord of the Rings, I have watched those movies at least twice a month since they came out, I like the books better and after watching last night I am going to have to go read them yet again ( I have read them at least 10 times over the course of my life).

I love that C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien wrote those books. While I was watching the movie last night I was again amazed at the wonderful use of imagination and a parallel universe to show the love, mercy and forgiveness of Jesus. The Narnia series is a more straight forward telling of the Christ story. How Christ might exist to another world, not ours. The Lord of the Rings story, from the Silmarillion to the Return of the King is full of references to grace, examples of mercy and forgiveness and in the Silmarillion there is very straight forward recognition of God as being in control of Middle Earth. I recommend anyone who has already read the Lord of the Rings to go then and read the Silmarillion, it is amazing.


Robin said…
Every kids dream is to be shoeless as long as possible. She looks so grown up! Lauren was just in diapers the other day it seems and is now about to start driving.
Dig the Teddy Roos. commentary - i've read it before and it never ceases to inspire.
the "incident" i referred to was a kiss on the cheek which lead to a clndestine meeting with Matt Anzeveno. Do you remember that one? We had such a good time at the Clydes, they are soem incredible people and parents. Donna is very impressive in the kitchen - even while expecting a baby. Tell everyone hello - you've got to read my post about our own car accident! Love . GW

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