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I have really gotten a lot out of the book "Captivating". It is like nothing I have ever read. For me it has been just one more step towards true freedom and really being what and who God intended. It has definitely helped my relationship with Dean and helped me understand how God really made me.

If you are a Christian woman you have probably read a book or two about being a woman of God. This book is not like any of them. I have always thought the twisting of Proverbs 31 was one of the biggest problems in Christian families. This book is not about Proverbs 31. It gets to the heart of being a women. It's not a "how too", step one, two, three, here's your women submit scriptures and how to apply them- it's nothing like that at all. It helps each women see how God made us, our hearts our souls and that without us the world wouldn't see a hugh part of who God is.

I want the group of ladies I do bible study with to do the work book. I really think there is so much more to be gleaned from this book and I think doing it in a bible study setting would be most effective. So give that some thought for yourselves if you read the book. I am going to order "Wild at Heart" (by the same author, Captivating is His wife and him) so I can read it and Dean. Denise said it would help me understand Dean and Steele. Raising a boy is a complete mystery to me and I need all the help I can get.

Denise, the counselor that lent it to me, said "this book is for this time in history of Christian women." That is so true.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the insight, will read "Captivating".
Cajun Tiger said…
Glad you will read "Wild at Heart" as well. It will definitely help you understand us guys better. I also read "Captivating" after I read "Wild at Heart" and I learned a lot!

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