I have nothing on Perry Noble...

..He blogs way more then anyone else I read and I love what he has to say most of the time. I don't know him by any other means then reading his blog but I am very impressed with his thought expression in words. Anne Coulter, C.S. Lewis, Ammye Crawford, and now Perry Noble-people I read and say "man, I wish I could write/think like that!"

Every blog on my links list is great. I literally go to each of them daily and see what's up.
Tolkien Geek is a guy who blogged the ENTIRE 900 + Lord of the Rings books!!
Chesterton and Friends is a great source for Chesterton fans like myself.
Numeric Life always cracks me up, she has stats and numbers that are very interesting.
Cajun Tiger is the former LSU mascot, Mike the Tiger and is now in Baghdad Iraq.
Conservative Cajun is givin' the liberals heck from the bayou.
Hurricane Katrina is the absolute best Katrina blog.
Dino Rizzo is my pastor and he's a little nutty (which is very good, I think).
Dan Ohlerking is the guy who actually gave me the idea to start a blog because, as he put it, I have a lot to say! His blog is always a light.
George Waites is well George. He's got pancreatic cancer, he's a shining believer and I love him like a brother.
Monday Morning Insight is Todd Rhodes blog, I don't know him either, he's a pastor I think and I love his blog.
Face Down Worship is a wonderful site for a Christian to get encouraged.
And Javalin and Steele is about my two wonderful children!!

I love Blogging! It's like journaling only everyone gets to read it.


Robin said…
Carole, I checked out Cajun Tigers site - the 'leftist southpaw' is hilarious! He makes it even more worth reading. I'm going to check out the noble guy. GW
Cajun Tiger said…
Thanks for the shout out, but I'm not in the military. I'm here as a contractor with the Army. Just want to not have anyone misled =)
Cajun Tiger said…
George...thanks for the visit...Southpaw definitely keeps things interesting. While he is a lefty he is very respectful and usually does a good job of arguing his side.
danohlerking said…
why... thanks, sister. "always a light" is better for sure than "always alight". of all the people i've converted to bloggers (it's a mission of mine) i'm prouder of none more than you. you were like a pile of kingston charcoal briquets that had been soaking in lighter fluid for an hour - telling you about blogging was like tossing in the match. (except your blog didn't singe my facial hair as badly as my bbq pit did that one time...)

thanks for the good review. and although i'm more of a c.s. lewis fan than a hardcore narniac and i'm not as big on tolkien as you, most of the blogs on your review list there are also among my own regulars.

blog on, sister.

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