Fungus Ball! (beware! Really gross stuff ahead)

The strongest memories of my childhood are sickness. I always had the flu,Pneumonia, strep, you name any respiratory ailment, I had it all the time. In school was the worse. Kids are really mean to someone who is trying to find a small dry space on her tissue to wipe her nose on yet again. They don't like it when someone is always sucking snot, blowing their nose, wiping their nose and eyes. I know I must have grossed out hundreds of people over the course of my life!

I actually was a severe asthmatic as a baby. I spent many days and nights under an oxygen tent in a hospital because I couldn't breath. But when I was 4 I went to visit my paternal grandparents, my grand father was a charismatic Baptist minister at the time and he said "When we go to church today the elders are going to put a drop of oil on your head and pray for God to heal you of this asthma" I thought "OK" and I remember having my eyes open and watching them pray for me, all their big old man hands on my head. I never had another asthma attack again!

My whole life however was plagued by severe sinus problems. My eyes always water and my nose always runs. I had sinus surgery in 1991. My ENT at the time said I had the worse case of Polups he had ever seen in 25 yrs! Before the surgery I had not been able to smell for two years. I mean, not able to smell at all- gas, paint, anything, I could not smell. After the surgery I felt immediately better. I could breath and smell. The infections were less frequent, just two or three times a year and I could manage the snot fest with decongestants and nasal spray. Life was good smelling for a season.

Well now here we are 15 years later and I am at least 3 years past needing the surgery again. So I am having it May 11th. I had found out a few years back that I have Reactive Airway Disease. It basically means my airways react more extremely then other people, even people with allergies, my airways are in constant freak out mode! So that is why there really is never complete relief. And now I have found out that I also have a fungus ball! Yes, in my sinus cavity is a ball of fungus, the doc said it probably looks like green grits! And there is no real relief from that outside of surgery. That explains why I never got better with antibiotics! They actually make it worse! And this lovely Fungus ball can eat away at the sinus cavity wall, go into your brain and make you crazy right before it kills you!! SO, I think it was God that I felt so compelled to have this surgery right now, don't you? I mean, I wouldn't have had a cat scan if I weren't having the surgery and you can't see a fungus ball without a cat scan!

God heals through Doctors and he heals through prayer I thank him for both. Ah, what a crazy, wonderful life this is!


Robin said…
Carole, have you ever heard dr. Kaufman on the radio talking about olive leaf extract (Olea Europa) ? It is suposed to be anti-mycotic(anti-fungal). Check it out. I have a bottle at the house you can have. Oh, did i tell you Robin is now the proud owner of a new(used ) Sienna?
Anonymous said…
Unbelievable, Sue. Thank God you found out about this. Although I have been around your snot for years, you've always been great company. I can't imagine how good it will be now. I love you.

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