Ephesians 5:21-Submit to each other? Even husbands to wives?

Eph. 5:21 tells us all to submit to one another in reverence for the lord. This scripture is right before the wives submit verses but you rarely hear that discussed with it. 1 Cor. 16:16 talks about submitting to leaders in a fellowship and 1 Peter 2:18 tells slaves to submit to their masters. There are many other scriptures that tell us to submit. Not just wives but every person in the body of Christ.

Submitting to God is one of the greatest struggles Christians face everyday. Sure, we love Him, we want people to know Him, but even the best Christian struggles with their will submitting to Gods will. For example, your will is to sleep 10 minutes longer but you know God would have you pray, your will wants to yell at the lady that cut you off in traffic but God would have you bless her instead. You see, I'm not talking about out-right; "No God, I wont do it!" kinda struggle, I'm talking about the little everyday things that show we are His and Help us to know him better.

Why do some Christian women put every scripture they learn, every teaching they hear in submission to Proverbs 31 and Ephesians 5? Think about it, I was guilty of it, I know my friends did, it's like the greatest of all passages for us women is Proverbs 31, and the one that keeps us inline is Ephesians 5. These are the verses that we judge our every action against, like there are no others. Proverbs 31 is written by a mother, her wish for her son, the description of the perfect woman. Most scholars don't believe she was a real person but boy you better back up if you say something against that woman! Yes it's scripture, yes God gave it to teach and instruct us but it isn't the foundation for our being as women! We can't just stop their, we cant put all our eggs in the Proverbs 31 basket. There are nurmerous women in the bible that did great and mighty things other then being the help met to her husband. Yes, she was that but not only that. Do you get what I am saying? Why don't we obsess over Deborah, the great Judge that had to motivate the men in her life to get moving? (Judges 4:4-11) Why don't we fixate on Esther who risked her life to save a nation? She broke the law and made a request of her king and husband that should have cost her her life (Esther 4:16). God gave us all scripture to study, research and feed on daily so that we may really know Him, not just one or two sections to form our entire belief system around.

Submission is submission, man women, husband wife. We are to love, we are to submit so lets all just get on with it-including me :-0


Anonymous said…
I'm really glad you are exploring these things. I agree that the submission aspect of wives has been distorted, while the rest(husbands loving) is not ignored, but, well, abstract. I think that husbands can gain alot of SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT by loving with action. Perhaps not looking at housework as a woman's role, but seeing it as "our role". I know men are cringing, but its just a thought. There are so many ways.
Anonymous said…
All of us have roles to play. There are roles for the husband and there are roles for the wife, as well as roles for our kids and so on. Some we do together and some we don't do together. All i'm saying is this; Husbands in general, are not looking for a wife to just simply submit to them like some pet dog or something. If your husband sees you in such a way then he's a pig!

Boy, did I step in it this time!
Anonymous said…
I might add that the "pig" needs to repent and ask for your forgiveness.
Anonymous said…
Now, now. You haven't stepped in anything. It's just a touchy subject, that's all. And I like that "pig" added touch. Nice. I love you, more.
Sabra said…
Beautifully written! I have been telling people for a long time that they are leaving out a very important verse in Ephesians 5:21. Apparently because it is not contained under the heading "marriage", it can be disgarded as something meant between husbands and wives. The rationale escapes me.

To submit is to yield out of love and respect. In order to "become one", both partners must yield, otherwise you have an unequal relationship where one is holding the leash and the other has a collar around their neck.
Anonymous said…
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I know this post is three years old, but I ran across it today while writing my own blog post on the subject, and just wanted to say that I love Sabra's take on things.

Also, FYI, I think your "Anonymous" comment is a porno ad in Russian. It's been several years since I studied rudimentary Russian but "Porno" is the first word, letter by letter.

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