The Cross back Stage

First was church at the River Center. I voluntered in the choir this Easter and Dean worked the parking crew, his usual gig. It was great to be back with all the choir people even if it was just for Easter. We all had to wear Pink tops and khaki bottoms, so we were the sea of pink and tan worshipers. I cried the entire song service, it was great.

We also had some protestors! Yes, we allow sinners into the church service, Dino doesn't speak out against the evils of Mother Teresa and people only come to worship the music, not Jesus. That was the gist of the protestors. It was sad really because they all looked very angry and just mad at the world, I guess that is what Jesus looked like? I just prayed that .."They would know us by our love.." And that anyone that came in contact with them from "our side" would be full of love. Johnny Green was talking to them when I first got there, he's great, knows his Apologetics better then anyone and I was so glad he was representing. I heard that later Timmy Straight talked to them, I would have loved to hear both of those men talking.

The Turner Family By the River Center
Foutains on a Beautiful Easter Sunday

After church we went to the Wilkerson's and had a great day. The weather was wonderful, the kids had a blast and the food was awesome. (More about all that on Javalinandsteel.blogspot.com


danohlerking said…
on the protesters topic - one of the staff ladies told me she saw the protesters coming into the river center by a side door away from "the action" to use our restrooms. "you're rotten to the core and on your way to hell and God hates you. um, could we use your restroom?"

actually, i was VERY proud of how pastor dino handled the "situation" and actually pretty much made it a non-situation. he said to make sure the sherriffs on duty leave them alone - they weren't going to hurt anyone. and for the staff to leave them alone other than to maybe go take them some bottled water or something.

those people were out there totally to pick a fight and we definitely had the theological prowess with the likes of johnny to engage them at their battle lines, but who could possibly benefit from that? not them - their minds were poised only to fight to the death (conceptually). and not us - giving them attention only fires them up. so we did what is right from the core of HPC's DNA - just give them some free stuff and show them some love and look past their anger, silliness, maybe even their hurt... and let them use our restrooms.

man, i'm glad i'm a part of this church.
Anonymous said…
It's all envy and jealousy. The one occasion when the unchurched will actually go to church and there are protesters waiting out front...unbelievable!

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