A couple things that I don't understand

..Husbands who say to their wives "You need to do something with these kids!" Like he isn't the dad and isn't supposed to "do something with these kids!". Daddy isn't just to go to work and that's it. His role is huge, vital and needed. He must lead, discipline and be the final say for his children. Why do some Christian woman think they are the one who is supposed to raise the kids? I think it has to be both parents, equally involved. Example; I have some great friends who when the kids were really acting up the mom would say "get on the phone and call your dad and tell him what you are doing!" and they knew they were in trouble. The dad would inform them of what was to come when he got home and how they were to behave the rest of the day. That is how I think it should be, am I wrong?

Dean is so loving and involved with the kids that if he raises his voice at them, they get so upset that daddy is upset with them that they listen and obey. The kids both want to call him every morning (he leaves for work at 5:30am before we get up) just to talk to him. Everyday Steele get's up and says "daddy?" while walking into our room to look for him. They love him and that is why he can disciple them so well- he gives them real, involved, in their lives love.

I think it's sad that mothers, who have husbands, have got to be good cop and bad cop all the time now. It seems like most husbands have decided they are just too weak and busy to really parent I guess.

Another thing I don't understand is why I have twice been asked not to "sensationalize" something in as many days! I guess I make things bigger then they are? Maybe it's the writer in me wanting the person I am talking to too feel what I am feeling. Like, if my friend is sick and seems to be in denial about how serious it is, and I am telling another friend about the illness, they say I "sensationalize" it. But I think I just emphasize it so the person I am talking to will pray hard and not just blow it off like it's nothing. I really don't understand how we are to mind our own business but also help or get help for others?

Ok, so I will just tell myself;

Balance, mind your own business and don't be a fool know by your many words. Maybe that will help.


Unknown said…
I have no problem with helping my fiance to raise her little girl and helping out w/ any future children we have. But since I'm the one who cooks, she just needs to make darn sure the dishes are clean.

Wash the dishes woman! Get me a beer! Just kidding, I ask her nicely w/ a please and thank you.
danohlerking said…
i don't know how in the world we could survive, let alone have any joy in life if we didn't share parenting at our house. five kids - four very different age slots (15, 11, 6, 2, 2) and a pair of twins - four boys, and one teenage daughter.

i especially think that there has to be a sharing of daily stuff with parenting when both parents are working. shoot, if she can help bring home some bacon, i certainly oughtta be able to help cook it for the kids. or clean up or change a diaper or wipe up vomit while settling a fight and helping with algebra and explaining why there are more men than women left in american idol... and with the other hand playing nintendo with a six-year-old.

it's not like they're her kids or my kids. they're OURS. honestly, if i wasn't in there with the vomit and all i think i'd feel left out. parenting and running a home isn't just playing catch in the back yard. it is also the nasty stuff - but it all adds up to give you a right to be proud when your kids grow up.

so there.

and for what it's worth - don't even pretend to act like you might even ever consider "just minding your own business" - that's why you got a blog in the first place anyway, isn't it?
Carole Turner said…
Oh my gosh, that is exactly why I have a blog, I'm continually bursting with opinion!! I swear I have to tell my self to "balance" all the time cuz' I could so go off hook line and sinker so easy!! That is one reason God gave me CS Lewis, he's all about thinking everything out, balancing and not being impulsive, I need that.

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