Why do you go to church?

C.S. Lewis said we must attend church to be reminded of what we believe. There are several real, true reasons to "not forsake the gathering together" But why do we go to church? Over the years I have grown to think most of what we think about why we attend church is complete crap. I heard someone say the other day that my pastor had to be funny to make up for how shallow he was. I was initially angered by the comment and thought about responding in kind but then I realized that this person really felt that way. I think he believes his pastor is deeper, more spiritual and therefore a superior pastor then mine. Would my defense of my pastor change his mind? No. I used to spit out comments like that about other peoples pastors, I also used to be pastored by very deep spiritual leaders, much deeper then the one I am pastored by now and I of course thought everyone else had shallow pastors compared to mine so I totally get where this guy is coming from. My point is, Do we go to church to hear a deep preacher? Do we go to worship God? I know why I go; because that is what I am supposed to do as a Christian. I believe that what C.S. Lewis says is so true, we need to go to church to be reminded of what we believe. When I went to church to hear the deep preacher, I stayed home when that deep preacher wasn't speaking. When I went to worship God, I felt I had done something wrong if I couldn't "enter in" during worship, when I went to fellowship with others I felt let down when the people I wanted to visit with didn't visit with me. So for me, reading that statement by Lewis rang so true and completely liberated me. Church isn't supposed to be deep and great and emotional every time. There will be bad church days. Sermons will stink and preachers will say the wrong thing, my attitude will be wrong or I may feel bad physically but so what, I gotta go because there in the midst of sinners, old saints, new saints, the backslid believers and all out hellions is where we get reminded of what we believe! We beleive that God became man, lived, died and rose again to save the world, that's it, that is what this is ALL about! Since that day, since letting go of the bondage of what I am "supposed" to get from church, I have gotten so much from every service I have attended because I am constantly hearing about what I as a believer am supposed to be giving back to the world. I am supposed to be Jesus. I love that I go to church and I hear about the many ways to feed the hungry, cloth the orphan, help the widow and the prisoner, If that is shallow, thank God for my shallow pastor, cuz' he is preaching Jesus to the congregation. I believe that there are to many chiefs and not enough Indians, we all want to be big shots and have a "foot washing service but not live a foot washing life style"(that is taken straight from my shallow preachers mouth). I am reminded that I can't just say I love AIDS Orphans I have to give up a new pair of shoes to send money to them. I am reminded that there are kids out there who's parents would never let them come to church but will let them play upwards sports and they need to see Jesus when I coach, I am reminded that an infertile couple needs money to adopt a second child and I can help, I am reminded that the four walls of a church are crap if that church is not meeting the needs of the community. That is why I go to church.


Joel Dyke said…

Thank you so much for visiting my Blog and leaving a comment. You have a cool Blog here. i will be coming back to it when I have a little down time to read some of your pasts posts. Keep up the good work.
danohlerking said…
well, i came to post a comment, but reading joel's brings up another point: DANG, SISTER - you've got a lot to say.

ok - i'm with you on the rant about why we go to church. it isn't a deep/shallow issue at all. it's a serving God issue. and i'm also very tired of the comments that say dino is not as "deep" as whatever-whoever. i know him well, and some of the "deep"est things i've heard were spoken into my life by him.

it isn't the "depth" of the truth these people usually are concerned with - i've found that they often want to focus on the minor points - like whether adam had a belly button or not - rather than keeping the main thing the main thing. it's not that we don't have deep truth being spoken here - how much deeper can the truth be than God loves the world so much that He gave His Son to die for us so that we could live? sure, there's more to the bible than john 3:16 - but...

there's no deeper truth than the truth that God loves people - and i think somehow he even loves those who bash us shallow folk.

so there.

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