A trip to New Orleans

We went to get Dean's dad and step mom from the New Orleans airport yesterday then went to Chalmet to see all the devastation. Dean showed us all where he had helped out. You really can't grasp how awful it is unless you see it. Mile after mile after mile of once nice neighborhoods that now look like slums. Every shop still closed, Porte potties every few blocks, a dusk till dawn curfew still in place. My in-laws were just flabbergasted. Evangeline was brought to tears by how awful it all was.

Afterwards we went to the French quarter, watched a Saint Patrick's day parade and ate at the House of Blues. I bought a shirt that has what looks like a "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" picture on it but it's Ray Nagin and it says "Willy Nagin and the Chocolate City" above the picture is written " semi-sweet and a little nuts". You know I like Ray Nagin and I always think it's good to be "semi-sweet and a little nuts". The people of New Orleans will be wishing for Nagin's Chocolate City if they vote in Mitch Landreu as mayor. Landreu is old corruption, Louisiana politics at it's finest.

It will be very interesting to see New Orleans in 3 or 5 years. It really does look like entire sections, like Chalmet, will never be what they were. I also can't imagine if that area is hit again by a hurricane this year or even next. It's unbelievable now, what would another storm do?


Unknown said…
It truely is amazing and a horrible reality. Though I haven't made a fishing trip down there yet since Katrina, I've heard that roughly 15-20% of Plaquimens Parish is gone, land wise. I have been down in Cameron Parish and the towns of Cameron, Hollybeach, Hackberry, and Creole were leveled.

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