Ok, let me tell you a little story..

I woke up this morning and all was well. Yes, my house was a mess due to my great friend Karen Harvey being in town and us hanging out with the Harvey clan everynight but other then that, all was very good. Everything was running smooth and way ahead of schedule. Well when it came time to leave, I loaded the kids in our new Van (not "New" but new to us) and as I was putting my coffee mug into the car I thought 'I should go get a lid for this' so I put the van in park, open the door, and proceeded to spill coffee all over my WHITE cropped pants! That's not the worst part as I continue getting out of the van, the van starts rolling backwards! I jump back in, press the break while yelling "Jesus! Jesus!" (That is short for Help me lord, help me lord!)I wasn't quite quick enough to keep the van door from being stopped by the house door frame! It almost ripped the van door off. The van door dug deep trenches in our house door frame,(we park under a carport)The door will close now, but it's lots of fun when you try to get out of the van.

I was so upset, the kids were upset and I was sure Dean was gonna freak. See, I kinda have a history; with our last van I got a little too close to a concrete poll at the Coca Cola plant and we lived with a big side swipe dent on it until we got rid of it. So I was sure he was gonna be really mad. But see, I cried Jesus, Jesus and he handed me mercy-my Dean was so sweet, even going so far as to say it didn't look that bad. He has told me many times about Coffee in the car, now maybe I will listen.


Anonymous said…
It should be illegal for woman to drive!

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