The Love of Clothes

I love clothes, I think about cloths a lot. I think I'm the fashion police. I have never had money enough to really dress the way I would like. It helped when I went to work at the Gap 5 yrs ago because I get a great discount (even though I only work 4 hrs a week)but now, their clothes are so boring, I like very little there and Evangeline doesn't either. My weakness is not cars, houses, boats or anything like that but it is clothes (and of course any and all merchandise to do with JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis) I wish I could buy nice clothes.

This is called a "soft addiction" I actually saw a report on it on the news. Like ladies who have to buy new shoes all the time, or collectors. I always want new cloths, I had the ladies in the bible study pray for me that I wouldn't feel the need to have something new on every time I go somewhere. It's helped a little.


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