Lost, Idol and a New Mini-Van...


Lost comes on tonight. I love that show. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a TV person but I make sure I a home on Wednesday night if Lost is not a repeat. If you haven't seen it, rent the first season on DVD, catch the reruns and watch the new ones cuz' it is great TV. Any TV you just hate to miss?

American Idol

Is Chris Daughtry the best or what?! That guy is just hands down the best Idol this year. I don't watch American Idol much but Dean and E are fanatics. E calls in and votes every week. I am usually on the computer or cleaning. The first time I heard Chris sing I was on the computer and all the other guys had sung, I had heard them but not looked up to see them because none of them made me want to really listen. The minute he opened his mouth I was like "dang, that guy can sang!!" Last night Dean and I were watching "Diary of a Mad Black Women" I told E to come tell me when Chris and Taylor sang, Chris was awesome, Taylor was kinda disappointing but I didn't care about anyone else. I like Mandesa, before Idol she was one of Beth Moore's singers, so there is a special place in my heart for her but Chris is it! Taylor is just plane fun to watch. He is entertaining and he sings great. My top three wish is Mandesa, Taylor and Chris as the winner. Who's you favorite?

Our New Van

We have been a one car family for several years. We now have a Pontiac Montana Minivan. It's a 1999 and it is in perfect condition. We are just beside our selves with excitement about this blessing! Dean was looking for a new car for several weeks. We knew it would strap us in way too tight so when this came available it was such an answer to prayer. We got it from Shawn and Kerry Wilkerson, we got a deal and God will bless them for their blessing us.

I like to say I'm a "Four wheel drive-Red-Ford F-150" but Dean has always said I'm a "gold Minivan" I guess he was right for now. And seeing how I am the preacher of Christian Environmentalism and the champion of the hybrid, I guess I will never own a F-150. If I could afford my choice, now it would be a Ford Escape Hybrid SUV. The SUV really is a good mix of the mini van and the truck isn't it? Feather-Iron,Minivan-Truck, yea the Escape is me! What vehicle are you?


Anonymous said…
As for as I'm concerned, the competition is OVER! Chris is dominating. the question is who's #2? I say Elliott.
Chris Jarrell said…
I totally agree about Chris, they need to just end the competition now and let him hurry up and record his album so I can buy it. The dude rocks.

Anonymous said…
Well phooey, I answered this the other day but I see it didn't make it thru. Congrats on your new van! I don't know how yall have gotten by with 1 car and 2 kids for years.

I look forward each week to hear 4 people sing..Chris first! he's so awesome! then Elliot! I just love his voice, then Taylor, he makes me smile and giggle and then Mandisa!! she is sooo pretty and she looked her best this week. Man she was beautiful! I think Chris will win it but who do yall think will be the final 3?
danohlerking said…
i'm with you all the way except for the absence of elliot in your final three. not that i know how to get all four (mandesa, taylor, elliot and chris) all in the top three spots, but chris is absolutely THE MAN. i'm glad to know i'm not the only one thinking that. i told vicki today that i'd buy an album of his right now. and i don't buy a lot of music in album format (usually just itunes songs lately - not the whole album).

anyway - i was mainly glad to see chicken little finally get booted. dang, he was annoying. i'm sure God loves him, but i was really having a hard time with paula's raving over him as though he actually fit in the competition with chris and elliot and taylor and mandesa and paris and really anyone else up there. sheesh.

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