The Arrogance

The Dixie Chicks are coming out with a new album. You remember they bashed the president three years ago? Well, they are at it again big time.,2933,188882,00.html

I like other artist that have bashed the president. I love Sheryl Crow and John Bon Jovi but I can not stomach two seconds of the Dixie Chicks. Why? Because Natalie Maines acts like a spoiled brat who thinks it really is ALL about her. Feel whatever way you want, sing about it, have a protest but when your arrogant and in your face it's hard to listen! She continues to shoot herself in the foot and yet refuses to get off her high horse. She is a perfect example of someone that has no interest in making her case diplomaticly to try and change peoples minds, she simply wants to be known as right, mad and NEVER a follower. Yuck! She needs more Jesus and less Barbara Stisand in her life.


Chris Jarrell said…
Hey Carole, I saw your comment on my site, so I decided to stop by your place and check it out. I dig your site it preety cool. I hope you don't get any controversy started here. I did that a few weeks ago with the people at the website. The came out in full force attacking me like rabid dogs. :-) It was all good though. Anyways, thanks for the comment and keep checking back often, I may post a few more Derek Webb songs up on the site, he is one of my favorite artists. God bless you.

Unknown said…
I wrote about a similar subject this morning, though it has nothing to do with a new Dixie Chicks record.

Who's I tried to Google them and didn't come up with much. However, don't worry, me and my fellow coonass buddies will defend Mrs. Carole!!
Anonymous said…
The Dixie Chicks SUCK!! I threw out my CD's years ago and it's been nice not to hear them on the radio for a couple of years. They don't even play any of their old songs either!! I don't plan on buying nor hearing this new one either. I pray it tanks!

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