Weird Time

Tomorrow my dear friend will have surgery to remove a malignant tumor from his Pancreas. The doctors give lots of hope for a recovery if things are as they think they are. Once they get in there the story will be told.

It's weird knowing this is gonna happen to someone you hold so dear. I have many guy friends that I love like family but George is extra special. I have been friends with him and his wife for 15 yrs. I even lived with them a couple times, George is my brother and Robin is my sister in the truest way. Dean and I adore George, he's a guys guy but he is also a girls guy. You can talk George about anything.

If anyone had the opportunity to be around George, they would see Jesus. He can't help but shine. His humor, his kindness, his integrity, George is the kind of person that people look at and say, wow, I want what he has and he doesn't have to say anything about what he has. George is full of flaws like all of us but even the flaws get out shined by the heart that longs only to please Jesus.

"George is a trip!" "George is crazy!" "Oh my gosh, George cracks me up!" That is George. Even through all the horrible stuff he has gone through, while in the hospital, yellow as a highlighter, with a tube hanging from his side, he answered the phone; "Joe's pool hall, eight ball speaking" corny, light hearted George.

So, I'm just pondering all this. I'm trying to go there, take in what George is about to endure tomorrow. I pray God gives him strength, extra strength pain relief and extra quick recovery. I know George will praise God verbally and perhaps share his faith with a nurse or two but I also know that they would see Jesus whether he said anything or not because he shines.


Unknown said…
I pray for you and George. Cancer is a horrible thing. Personally, I still think that all this Chemo is crap and that a real cure is waiting for us. However, we know how much money and votes count in this world.

Not to be too morbid, but my fiance has already told me that if given the chose b/twn Chemo that will eat her alive and put her though pain vs. dying semi-normal in a 2 yr span, she will choose the easier death. As her future husband, I don't even want to think about that, but I do understand her concerns.

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