Partial Birth Abortion Ban Before the Supreme Court

Alito is on the court now, lets pray for him and all the justices to ban this barbaic practice.

I never understood why they didn't just take the baby out and give it to the many couples waiting to adopt insted of cutting a hole in the base of the brain, sucking out the contents and then crushing the babies head!! What the heck kind of country do we live in where this would be even remotley considered acceptable? It still shocks me!


Unknown said…
You would think that these types of inhumane acts towards innocent human lives would only take place in Nazi Germany or Communist China.
Peter Attwood said…
Gandalf explained it well, saying, "Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement, fearing for your own safety." "Fearing for your own safety" was dropped in the present text in the conversation at Bag End, but Frodo remembered it when he was about to kill Gollum under the Emyn Muil in the moonlight. It's essential to Gandalf's point.

They do this cruelty precisely in order to deny the humanity of the victim. The cornerstone of Nazism is considering everyone else subhuman, and that proceeds directly from considering ourselves better than others. Leninism too is about an elite party guiding inferiors. It's essential to the American identity to consider their country better than others (Luke 18:9-14), and this common ground with Nazism and Leninism is why the USA behaves the same way. And the same people who decry abortion generally have no problem with knocking off millions of Vietnamese, or hundreds of thousands of Iraqi kids by starvation and depleted uranium, among many other mass murders - and to torture people is no problem either. "Christians" are generally foremost in approving these things, to "support the troops" who do these things - "eager to deal out death in judgment, fearing for our own safety."

As long as we agree with the abortionists, except in which particular people to slaughter for our convenience or to allay our fears, do we pass the laugh test?

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