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I saw gospel singer Kirk Franklin on Oprah a month or so age talking about his 30yr addiction to pornography. Last week I watched a Date Line special called "To Catch a predator 3". It was about internet sexual predators of minors. Many of the men were normal looking, fathers, husbands, ministers, law enforcement, men from all walks of life coming to a house to have sex with a thirteen year old child. I had a discussion not long ago with a group of women, some divorced, some married, some single, but all Christians, they were talking about sex toys, "jean sex" and the divorced and single woman's sexual needs. What they accepted as ok sexual behavior outside of marriage floored me. A teenager told me not long ago that by the time her 9 year old sister got in highschool, there wouldn't be homosexuals or heterosexuals because already it's cool to have same sex, girls with girls even if they are not lesbians. I have friends and acquaintances who have lost their husbands to extra marital affairs or they themselves have fallen into an extra marital relationships. This is the world I live in, this is, to me the biggest issue facing the church today and it is a freight train running out of control!

I have not heard the sermons yet but there is a church that met with great controversy with a series they recently did. It advertised an honest look at biblical sexuality. In today's over sexed world. I applaud the effort!

Here is the add-

and here is a commentary answering the controversy-

I think there needs to be more honest discussion about how the church is to thrive, and be relevant in this time. The church has no idea how to reach the homosexual community so it has mostly tried to ignore them. The church refuses to talk frankly about sex yet everyday, everyone in the church is surrounded by an over sexed society. Instead of dealing with it head on and honest, we pretend it isn't destroying children, families and marriages. When it hits our families it's "the devil" not our neglect of truth.

God invented sex, He has something to say about it, even todays perversion, He has the good, perfect answer to our needs and wants. He is the only one with the answers, we need to get what He has to say about it out there. We have to stop giving into this great evil and start fighting for our children, our families and our marriages.


Anonymous said…
Kudos to that church for taking this subject on!! Our church really should do this too.
starbender said…
God has wiped the earth 4 this reason be4~and I believe he will do it again!
Peter Attwood said…
Robert Jensen, a journalism professor at the University of Texas in Austin, just wrote a piece on pornography, based on what he found at the Adult Entertainment Exposition in Las Vegas in January, and pornography's place in American culture in general:

Well worth looking at. I've been talking to him. He's not a Christian, because "Christians" aren't Christians (Acts 11:26). Mohandas Ghandi had the same problem.

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