Girls Weekend

I'm getting ready to leave town until Sunday night. Anne, Daurie and I are meeting Kristy at a Beth Moore Conference in Birmingham Alabama. I'd love to say I'm very spiritual and going to hear Beth Moore is my main focus but I would be lying, I'm going to hang out with my friends.

Kristy has been living in Nashville for a couple years now and I can't wait to see her and her newest child (she has 5) Bree. She is still nursing so she will be the only child there. Did anyone catch the name? Bree, as in the village of Bree in "The Fellowship of the Rings"!! Yes, my obsession with the Lord of The Rings even influences the naming of my friends children :-)

The greatest thing about my friends is the realness. None of our lives are perfect, far from it really but one thing that keeps me spiritually and mentally healthy is accountability to friends who love God. I know I put it all out there for all to see but that is my protection, my way of making it even harder to get away with anything. I don't want to have any secrets. My friends have brought me back from insanity many times. Karen has spoken into my life when all I could hear was the devil, she told me what God had to say about the situation. Ammye is my dearest, "we had crappy childhoods" friend. I mean, she and I so relate, she always gives encouragement and wisdom at just the right time. Lori is my Chesterton, Lewis discussion buddy and so much more, she is more like a sister. Anne is that friend who will always be there for you and give you just the right dose of truth and wisdom. Dauire and I don't hang out as much as we once did but I am always amazed at her ability to be so together while being the mom of 5 girls that are very close in age, I doubt she sleeps much. Then there is Kristy, I miss her more then she knows. We are very similar in many ways but she is such a better mom then me! Home school, karate, three cooked meals a day, she is amazing and I learn so much from her.
I have many other friends, Shawn, Donna Clyde, Missy, the bible study girls, Angela, Dana and Keri they all are used by God to keep me on the path of righteousness. Beth Moore will be great and I am sure I will learn a lot from her but being with my girlfriends, I always learn Godly lessons about life, kids, marriage etc so I'm glad this weekend I get to do both.


Anonymous said…
Oh how lucky you gals are!! What a great weekend you will have. And you're right, just hanging with the "girls" on a weekend like this does more for my spirituality than any conference could.

Have fun Carole and thanks for including me in your list of "friends"

Will we ever do another bible study?

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