Fly Butterfly Fly

Where did she go? 
I know 
but I cant say
Does she remember 
When she was free? 
Before her innocence 
was ripped

I don't recognize
On the floor 
Wipe his feet 
Like a mat
The time comes 
She aches for more
Were's her door?
Run away
Run away
I see her cry 
Feeling the lack 
Then accept 
Feet on her back
The world goes on
Sing another song
another day
No other way

Where did she go
I know 
But I cant say
Does she remember 
When she was free?
Before innocence 
was seizes
In the front seat
She can't breath
Little girl
Find a place to hide
Where he can't find 
Fly butterfly fly


Anonymous said…
CT, a poet'ette have we? deep and haunting, multiplicitous in it's structure, yet simple. I like it.

Son of Elyon.

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