..and the women and children shall lead them..

This weekend I saw 18,000 women hungry for God. I saw Beth Moore give message after message to these women that was so relevant, applicable, life changing and God given. When Daurie, Anne, Kristy and I went back to the room, went to lunch, drove in the car or walked around the mall we were constantly talking about our lives, our struggles, our hopes, fears and prayers. We offered advice and received advice. I know none of us will be the same after this weekend because we allowed friends, a great leader and 18,000 other women to speak to us in one way or another.

I look around me at the families that are falling apart and the one common denominator in all of them is that the husbands have no real, deep friendships. No accountability relationships. They are completely co-dependent on their wives, think all they need is their wives and God. Why then did God tell us to share our lives with one another? Why did he form a church, why did he give the example of David and Jonathan? Why did he set up a structure of mentoring and fellowship in the new testament? It's because we need each other! Men need to have friends that can say "are you crazy? Why in the world would you head in that direction?" Yes, wives fall into sin all the time but the percentages show more men do then women. I am speaking in generalities and basing my opinions on what I see right now, in my world. But I think women fall less frequently into sin because women talk! We talk and talk and talk. We have accountability, we have deep meaningful friendships. When women do fall into sin, they are either the women who have no true girl friends or they do and they knew good and well what they were deciding to do was wrong but they made a choice to fall into sin anyways. Every man that I know who has fallen into sin sexually or in some other selfish way, really didn't get the sin thing. They had justified their actions, found some loop hole to convince themselves it was ok. Especially when it comes to ethical, character issue sins, they somehow are able to tell themselves it's justified. But think if they had friends that they talked to all the time, that they shared their thoughts with, friends that could see the change even without being told, Would they still be able to tell themselves, so easily, that what was wrong was right? No, because their friends would call them on it. That is what women do who have real, true friendships, we call each other on it. The ones that then chose to fall into sin, have to do it dragging the weight of truth behind them. If you have no friends to begin with, it's very easy to live out the sin, there is no one calling, saying "I love you, your my friend, what do you need? How can I help?" Women love their friends and we say it. When women fall their friends don't let them go, they know and love them enough to keep throwing a life line.

And you know what I am realizing more and more? Women are leading. Christine Cane, Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, Darlene Chech and many more. God is not going to let the world go to hell in a hand basket just because the men are wimping out. If they will not do it, the women who love God will. Men, if you don't want to be told what to do by a women you better get some back bone and live for God like your supposed to cuz' we are not going to sit back and live lives of complacency and mediocrity just because you choose too, follow you there? I think not. You are to love us as Christ loves the church, tall order but still an order so get on with it.
I hope the wake up call is being heard, I know my husband see's the warning signs all around and I so respect him for not closing his eyes to the truth. When I say all this it is not at all directed at Dean. He is far from perfect but he is not fake! He is not putting on a front for some and being a different person to others. I love that about him and I respect him. I respect his struggles, his weaknesses and I love that He is real! He has friends, Ron, Tony, Kerry, Allen, and many more. The depth of these friendships vary but at least he has them. I have been told flat out by Ron, "Dean would not cheat on you, he loves you, but if he did, I would tell you!" I love that Dean feels the same as me about the need for friends, we don't just need each other, we need our friends, God set this "family" of believers up that way.

Change is life, especially the Christian life, stepping out of the box, into discomfort in order to see perfection worked in us, that is this walk, this Christian walk. I learned so much this weekend from Beth Moore but I learned more from my friends. I see now, I have to pray for them, really pray for all the families I know. There is nothing the devil needs more then the destruction of the family, there he gains the most ground and from what I see around me, he is having a good time right now. I heard God tell me to get on my face and pray. I am not a "on my face and pray" person, but that is exactly why I have to get there.


Anonymous said…
Talk? Talk? Talk? Hummm... more like Gossip, Gossip, Gossip. (just kidding)
Anonymous said…
hi carole. I work on the women's team at lifeway, who sponsors Livng Proof Live and wondered if we could get permission to use this quote in promoting LPL for 2007:

"This weekend I saw 18,000 women hungry for God. I saw Beth Moore give message after message to these women that was so relevant, applicable, life changing and God given."

If you're OK with that (and feel free to say no) then I'll send a form that we would need signed and returned.
thanks! wish I'd gone to Birmingham. I gave my ticket to a co-worker so her daughter could go with her. --barbara hoskins, barbara.hoskins@lifeway.com

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