Uganda-where children kill children in the name of the Lord

If you read nothing else today, read this article;
You can also read about these children in this months Christianity Today Magazine.

There are lives lived in horror all around the world. We get to look at them from a distance while we sit in our warm homes. Sometimes we get a prick in the heart that keeps us awake thinking, what can I do? That is what happened to me when I read about these children. What is also weird, is my favorite TV show, Lost, had a character that was one of these children and grew up to be a killer. I couldn't believe the timeliness of that show. God will even use a TV show to drive home his message to us if He has to.

I myself will be E-mailing my congressman and I will do it periodically less they forget. Sometimes you look at a situation in another country, like the African AIDS crisis and this horrific situation in Uganda and you think, "what can I do?, this problem is just too big, it doesn't effect me?" but at the very least we can keep pressure on our government to do something. We can send money to the hands over there that are meeting the needs and we can pray.

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