Love That Anne Coulter

Yes, she's too spicy sometimes but just when I think she will be to much, she does me proud.

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Dean and I had a similar discussion about the mayor of New Orleans. I thought the media was being so ridiculous when they made an issue of him saying New Orleans needed to return as a chocolate city. I looked at Dean and said "does that offend you?" he said no. We were both trying to figure out who was offended by that other then the media. I like him, I'm a Republican,I know he made mistakes, which he has admitted too and I just like him. He may become like the rest of the corrupt politicians here in Louisiana and start following Governor Kathleen Blanco's example of $250,000 office renovation in the face of the biggest natural disaster to hit in US history, but for now he's not like her, he's trying, he's real and I appreciate that.


Anonymous said…
I was offended by the mayor's remarks. He offends me, actually, in just about every way. He's an intelligent man that speaks with poor English to win votes. He is a terrible leader. I'm sorry. He wants a chocolate city because chocolate is what votes for him. I love black, white, whatever color or distinction. But he is just a typical politician who got caught in a real situation that needs a real leader and he lacks at every turn. Just me. I love everybody who disagrees.
Carole Turner said…
Actually he was elected with 80% of the white vote and not even 20% of the black vote. I think he is a great leader. In my opinion he was trying to reassure black people that New Orleans wasn't gonna be populated by just white people, he was at a Martin Luther King Day celebration addressing black people so I think he was being relative and comforting to the ones who feel the most at risk of never being able to return to their city. He is a friend of Bush and not of Blanco, him and her actually can't stand each other. Being here durring and after Katrina, I really have no problem with him as the mayor. I think his hind sight is better and he has admitted that many times. Blanco has yet to take any blame or even care enough to stop her massive office renovations. That is who the media should be harping on. I can't believe she would actually have the nerve to spend 250,000. on renovations while asking the american tax payer to bail the state out. I know 250,000 is nothing compared to what this state needs to recover but it's still not pocket change.

I know you don't like him, and that's OK, we can all just get along here on the wardrobe and the white tree, we have love love love for the desenter as well as the agreeer :-)
Anonymous said…
Did you listen to the WHOLE speech Carole? He sounded more like Farakan than MLK. For our sake I hope your right about him. I think he maybe in over his head though.---Ron
Anonymous said…
Carole, i am as imperfect as the rest and my political acumen is limited, but from a layman's perspective he screwed up. My only comment is this - you want a chocolate city? then rebuild it using only chocolate tax money!
How many 10's of thousands of N.O. residents were living on off of the "vanilla" tax dollars any way.
He also did'nt need to include "God" in the equation. Love ya'll - George "vanilla" Waites.
Cajun Tiger said…
While I think his statement was not a very good one, I do like him as a politician. He has always said exactly what he is thinking and doesn't toe the democrat line.

Two little known facts surrounding Nagin:

1. The reason Blanco doesn't like him nor does she ever do anything to help him is he endorsed Jindal over her.

2. Also all the city leaders were shaking in their boots b/c he was cleaning house from all the corruption, so they had no problem helping him fail.

Had he had the full support from the governor and the city leaders, I think his response would have been completely different for Katrina and the city would have fared much better.
Carole Turner said…
I have always thought he talked very well and clear. I love that he doesn't put on the politican aires. I know people that lived in NO before Katrina and they all liked him. It was actually the black population that didn't like him and the Jesse Jackson, AL Sharpton cronies that didn't want him to be Mayor. I really believe when it's all said and done it will be Blanco's fault more then anyones. She was just in no way capable of handleing something of this magnitude. I think it would have been to much for anyone but she didn't present an air of leadership and control that was greatlly needed. I think she got in the way of stuff happening more then anything. I'm still so chapped that the media hasn't given her heck about the renovations. She sould have to explain till she is blue in the face why it's ok for her to spend that now. To me all that was the true showing of who was on who's side. The media doesn't want to be hard on her but they are more then happy to make Nagin's comments into a front page story. Again, I think he could have done things better but I like him and if you think of who might have been there insted of him, he definatley did better then they would have.

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