End of The Spear Part 3

Anne and I went and saw the movie last night. It was good. The documentary was much better as far as quality and story but they did the best they could with so much to tell. I do think that in the hands of Mel Gibson or Spielberg it would have been done much better but for a new studio and very young production team, they did alright with it.

All the criticisms about Jesus not being mentioned and how you cant tell they are Christian missionaries is just beyond me. There is a conversation about God (I forget the word for him in their language)and how he had a son that was speared and didn't spear back. The native lady is telling them that the foreigners (that's what they call the missionaries) had come to tell them about Him. When Nate's son ask if he will shot the Wadami if they attack them he says "we cant shot the Wadami son, they aren't ready for Heaven we are". There is the part where Nate's wife talks to him about waiting and he says they cant wait, they have to reach these people now. There are more clear indications as to who they are and what they represent that is just a few. If the unsaved critic from the Washington Post saw it enough to feel preached at then the Christians who didn't just didn't want to.

I don't feel I could take my young daughter to see it though. Way to many men in G-strings. You know, they are natives and in actuality the women were not covered up top, they at least did that in this movie so the young boys can see it without distraction but I think hormonal teenage girls would be distracted by two hours of men in G-strings because the story focuses on the natives more then anything else.

I really hope at least people will see it when it goes to video but even now, everyone should rent the Beyond the Gates of Splendor Documentary. There are no gay actors to get upset about, just a true wonderful life changing story that everyone should see.


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