Crash And Dillon Nominated!

I was thrilled to hear today that one of my favorite movies this year, Crash, was nominated for best picture. It is a great work of art that makes you think about so many deep and real issues. The message is so good. It is all about Race relations and you will think and talk about it for days; just like any other good work of art.

Now, I would not recommend this movie to just anyone. It is definitely an rated R movie so adults only.

When I was a teenager I had 135 pictures of Matt Dillon covering one wall of my bed room. I loved him! He is a good actor that just never took off but with this role in Crash, he really showed his abilities. I am so happy that he is nominated for this part.

So, if you are a mature adult, go see this movie. If your not, wait till it comes to TV and has all the bad stuff edited out, but see it then for sure.


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