Narnia at Midnight

Here are some pictures from that night. They are way to dark because my camera is not to great. The one of E by the consession stand is not clear but she is standing under the sign that says "Narnia 1201am" but you can't see it.

Evangeline and I went to the Midnight showing of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". I woke her at 10:00pm and handed her a cup of coffee (she's like me, she loves coffee). We got to the theater @10:30pm Thursday night and sat in a queue with a bunch of Narnia geeks.

Evangeline got a first hand look at teenage boys and why she should run when they approach! No, they were good teenagers, but still they were teenagers. There was the expert; " Leim Neeson has the deepest voice in entertainment", the cheerleader "hey, lets start the wave", the Rob Thomas look alike Complete with flip fops (it was 25 degrees outside) and frayed jeans, and the quiet, very embarrassed to be with this group of rousers, red head who just wanted to see the movie. As we entered the theater I whispered to E, "make sure we sit no where near those boys".

The movie was great, I really enjoyed it and E was just ecstatic about it. She has asked everyday to go back and she keeps quoting it. In the movie, when Lucy meets mister Tumnas she informs him that when you meet someone you shake hands, he replies "why?" and then she says "I don't know". But it's that way she says "I don't know" in that very fluid, English accent, that is how Evangeline has said "I don't know" every since the movie. I have to admit, I have been saying it too. We really are geeks.

If you haven't seen it yet, you really should go.


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