Kicking off the Holidays

The holiday season was kicked off in one of the best ways it could be for us this year; Thanksgiving with the Harvey clan! Our good friends the Harveys live in Florida but when they come to town to visit family for Thanksgiving, that is where we go. Thanksgiving day is spent eating, the kids and men playing in the yard, and all us gals talking. The evening is all about the men gambling with Mrs. Kay Louque. (That's Karen Harvey's 60 something mom) This year all the men went to play bingo with her on Thanksgiving and Friday night. Then Saturday night was poker night. Mrs. Kay always wins, she is this white haired, sweet as honey grandmother who is a killer card shark like no other! She always takes all their money and they love every minute of it!

Usually there is a mean game of Lord of The Rings Trivia going on with me and all the wanna be ringer geek boys but this year Bradly Harvey (Karen's Oldest, who is 16) showed me mercy and cut the game short. Yes, he beats me every time!! It's shameful really, I totally choke, some "Tolkien scholar" I am huh?

We love just hanging out, having some wine and catching up with them. Some friends are close but then others are family, I am blessed with a couple friends like that so it was nice to spend Thanksgiving with one of those friends and the whole Harvey/Louque family.

The Gold thigh-highs are ready now, bring on the Christmas season.


Anonymous said…
Holidays are always best with yall. I love you.

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