I could do that, I think...

Ammye called me the other night and said "hey, there is a lady on tv being interviewed by a pastor, her title is C.S. Lewis/Narnia scholar, that could be you one day!" I was like "dang, I could do that!" The bummer is, I'm pretty sure you have to have a degree before anyone would hire you to teach or speak about a subject regardless of how much you have studied and learned on your own.

I tried to get my church to let me do a life group, "The Wardrobe and the White Tree Christian mythmakers book club" It didn't fly. Dino and several other staffers really dig the C.S. Lewis / Tolkien material but I guess they think there are other teachers out there that may be more relevant to today's society, which is really crazy. Sure, I get a great deal from Beth Moore and right now Elisabeth Elliot but they are not Inklings. (:-))

It's really bad because I always quote Lewis or Tolkien (and scripture of course) I actually read more scripture now then ever, seriously, two very geeky highbrow, professor, literature types have helped reignite my desire to study Gods word. They have showed me just how lost we are without it, how it is our hand book for life. God works in mysterious ways that is for sure.

Maybe one day I will get to teach all this. God gave me this "obsessive personality" for a reason. I keep thinking about how Tolkien was 65 when Lord of The Rings was published, your just never to old.


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