What took so long?

I went to bed around midnight but still couldn't sleep. I Finally had electric back on, the house was cool, bed was comfortable but my mind couldn't shake all I had been hearing and seeing since Monday. My heart is breaking for the thousands that are dieing only 60 miles away in New Orleans.

We took some cloths to our church Tuesday. The people in the shelters only have a few changes of cloths with them. The population here in Baton Rouge has doubled. There are 5000 evacuees in the River Center and thousands spread across town. The churches are really being Jesus. I don't know of one church that isn't doing something. Their parking lots are full of people eating and waiting. My mother called from Florida and offered to fly us there so we could get away from the freaky population explosion here but there is no way I'm leaving. I am frustrated that I dont have child care so that I can volunteer to help feed people at my church. Dean is having to work 12 to 16 hr days trying to keep the stores filled with Coke products and he will have to work Saturday but we are both planning on helping somewhere Sunday and any other time we can.

I'm listening to the New Orleans Mayor, Ray Nagin's interview from yesterday morning. It is phenomenal. He is mad, he is articulate and he is cussing but he is no longer an politician, he is a man watching people die. He is expressing the frustration of the thousands that are waiting, dieing. It has been 5 days now. The interview was yesterday, and it obviously spanked a few butts into REAL action because now, this morning there are the thousands of busses, now there are the air drops at the convention center, now there are the rescue vehicles, now, after so many people have died from dehydration and starvation, people are really being evacuated. Here are a couple links to the interview.



Heads are gonna role on this one. The president said the response was unacceptable and that is an understatment. There is no excuse, in a country like ours, with our resources, for what is happening in New Orleans. I hope they learn from this. I think Bush made some real mistakes with this one. You all know what a Bush fan I am. I am a hard core Republican but I have to say I am disappointed in the leadership of this country. Bush has seemed out of touch when he talks about it. In his interview with Diane Sawyer, she asked about looters who are stealing diapers, shoes, food etc, and he said there should be zero tolerance for all lawlessness. That is just an ignorant statement. I would steal to eat, feed my kids, cover my feet to walk through polluted water, etc. When he did the fly over Tuesday, he should have done the walk through then, not today, it's been too long. We needed the busses, Tuesday, and there is no reason why they weren't sent then, at least no reason I can see now. Granted, I may hear and understand better down the line why it took so long, but I think everyone will look back and say it took to long.

Then there is the comment by the house speaker Denise Haskel, a Republican. It may have been taken out of context, I know that happens but just shut up. I mean really, why comment in any way that could remotely be taken wrong. He's a politician for Petes sake, he knows the game. As the governor said, he is stealing hope when that is all they have. What would he suggest the residence of New Orleans do? If your willing to say not to rebuild you better be willing to offer somewhere for them to go permanatley, forever,if not just shut up or at least apologize.

I have been both proud and disgusted with our Democrat US senator, Mary Landrue. She does great when she is talking to the local media, you feel her pain but when she is on Nightline or Larry Kings, you see the politician. She skirts around questions of blame, she talks about the bills she has tried to pass dealing with the Louisiana coast, she sounds like all the other out of touch politicians and she is so "in touch" since she lives in New Orleans. Why not just be real all the time. I hate that.

I have heard some unbelievable comments by people. One says "well, they are getting what they deserve, they should have left like they were told". I say, thank God I didn't get what I deserved hundreds of times. Jesus took what I deserved. We all make mistakes but few pay with their lives. There is help out there and we would want that help if it were us. Also, there are elderly, sick, hospital employees, people who had to stay that are now starving and dieing. The government is now there, it's all over the news as I type this but it should have happened yesterday. I just can't help thinking "it's about time!"



Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
I sort of agree, and sort of don't. I was in chicago on Tuesday and made the observation then that the general nation didn't comprehend the gravity of the situation on the gulf coast. That quickly started to change by Wednesday evening.

I think people are dieing who shouldn't have to...for whatever reason....NO should have never become a city, the levees should have been maintained, pumps should have had proper maintenance, the order to evacuate should have come sooner, martial law should have been declared, etc., etc. I think it is human nature to blame someone/something for something like this.

I do not fault the President for not being on the ground and think he has no business doing it today. It is just too unsafe.

A problem we are seeing is the bad element is taking away from the concern and efforts for the others. I've had friends tell me their friends went to NO to help evacuate and some were met with harsh words, bullets, etc.

As for mobilizing, these things take time. You have to have a proper infrastructure to get people in/out, water, food, and simple communicaiton. Until that is in place no matter how many troops you drop in, you are just adding to the problem. And I am confident they have been working on that since Day 1.

I think the speaker was way out of line saying what he did, but I sadly agree. Like so many for so many other things, I guess it is ok to blame the President. but this is a natural disaster and blanco, the mayor, and the people of NO are not without blame.

I heard some people in the airport talking about how they can't believe the people of NO are acting, I quickly confronted them and said there isn't a city in america that wouldn't have a part of their population acting this way and it was arogant for them to think otherwise.

Sorry for my rambling...I guess I had more to say on the subject than I would have thought...maybe i need my own blog! :-) Jeff
Carole Turner said…
Los Angeles and many other California cities are on falt lines, Mount St. Helen erupted in 1980 and killed Fifty-seven people and destroyed 200 homes, 47 bridges, 15 miles (24 km) of railways and 185 miles (300 km) of highway were destroyed. Florida was hit four times last year by hurricanes and not one section of the state was unaffected. I have never before heard suggested not to rebuild or it should have never been built in the first place because of the geographical locations and issues. This city is over 200 years old, full of culture and history. It's insulting, irresponsible and uninformed to make such a statment.
Anonymous said…
I think the mayor of N.O. is a terrible leader and is blaming the feds for his (and the Governor's) lack of preparation and leadership. I am furious that he is suddessfully, for now, taking the eyes off of his own lack of intelligent ability to orgnaize anything, before especially. My opinion.
Anonymous said…
OK, successfully.
Anonymous said…
I am furious with how this whole thing has been handled. How awful, babies dying. I would do anything to protect/save my little Sarah and my heart breaks for all those mom's and dad's having to watch their "little Sarah's" dehydrate and starve. I have to blame someone too...human nature as Jeff stated...and my blame is falling on Blanco! Man up lady...don't cry on National tv...be strong for your state. Where are the 1,000 of school buses...close school in EBR for three days for Pete's sake... GET THE PEOPLE OUT OF NO. I am shocked at how horribly this is being handled and I may not know all the details but I am disgusted. Use National Guard from Mississippi. I would love to see the Hurricane Evacution/Response Plans for the State of La. It is public record and I bet it was not followed. This is gone on too long...I live in Florida now but I am watching FOX all the time and my thoughts are constantly with the sick and dying. God protect and save these people.

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