Relief part 2

I felt after yesterdays entry that I should say, I have done and seen little compared to what thousands of other volunteers and emergency workers have. Dean saw much, much worse then I did. He was very glad that I went on a "good" day at the airport. He was very concerned that I would be traumatized by what I saw there if it had of been like it was when he went. I still was overwhelmed with emotion several times. If I took a minute to absorb all that was around me, it felt like we were in an apocalyptic movie. This isn't the end of the world for us but I can guarantee it felt like that to the people waiting in the Super Dome, Convention Center and on roof tops. Even at the air port where they are being lined up, directed by and surrounded by guards, holding everything they have on earth and going who knows where, it had to seem like Armageddon.

I was standing in line waiting with the 911 operators girls and Lori and I noticed this tall thin white man's shirt in front of us. It caught our eyes because it had a mug of beer on it and under it it said "one hour minimum wage gone" we chuckled at it and then looked down at his ankles that were literally twice the size of his legs! He was not in a wheel chair, he was standing and waiting in line quietly, and had been for quite a while. The national guard man who was standing in front of us was a very nice, fatherly looking Spanish man. He was firm but you saw kindness in his eyes. I asked him If I could go get that man a wheel chair and told him to look at the mans ankles, he looked at them and then said to the man "hey, you had a doctor look at those ankles?" the man said "yes, they gave me antibiotics." I could hear an Australian accent. The guard then told him to make sure and get them looked at again when he got to his destination shelter. When I got back and helped him settle into the wheel chair I asked him if he was diabetic (I was trying to figure out why his ankles would look like that, I thought it might be unattended too Type 2 diabetes) he said no, he had gotten and infection from having to walk through the water to safety and the doctors gave him a shot to keep it from becoming Gang Green!
Let me tell you, it looked like gang greed was already there. I asked his name, it was Kevin and if he had family, he said no, all of them were back in Australia. He didn't want to talk, you could tell he was uncomfortable with me talking to him. He was kind but maybe kinda shy. I have prayed for Kevin many times since. It was hard to really sit and talk to these people. I wanted to that's for sure and I took every chance I got but there was always someone else who needed help with a bag or wanted a blanket, needed to be taken to the bath room, etc. I wish I could tell every story, we talked to so many great people. I met a couple that had been begged to evacuate by their daughter in Houston. They had minimal water damage so he didn't want to leave his home to the looters. They were so sweet and I was two seconds away from bringing them home with me but he said his daughter was coming to get them this weekend from where ever they sent them. At one point I was passing out snacks to the ones waiting in the terminals to board the planes and I had to help an elderly, almost blind, lady with getting her stray into her juice. Her name was Lucille, she was white and sitting with her in another wheel chair was Dorothy, she was black. Lucille was 96 and Dorothy 85 and when I asked if they were from the same nursing home, Dorothy looked at Lucille and said "now girl, I know she didn't just say we were from a nursing home! I live on my own!" it was funny. We talked and laughed for a few minutes about how they reminded me of my grandmas that were now in Heaven, Dorothy said "well, we can't stay around forever now can we?" She was great. Lucille and her had just met, they both lived independently but had not known each other before then. They said they had been unable to leave and thankfully someone came and rescued them. They had no family and said they didn't care where they were going, I said "well, they will treat you good, better days are ahead" and Dorothy said "it can't get any worse, so you are right for sure." I will always remember thous two old angels.

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