Tomorrow I'll be 38

Tomorrow I will be 38! I have told Dean, he now has two years to plan a major blow out party for my 40th. I want serious Karaokee with a DJ, and some ball room dancing. What I want for my 40th birthday present is for him to take lessons so he can "show, show the passadoble" (that's a quote from Strickley Ballroom, It's a spanish dance they do.) I can't believe I'm 38!

I have taken up bread making and it is not an easy thing that's for sure. I have been ruined by Ammye's mothers wonderful loafs of multi grain bread, they were fluffy and airy at the same time. Great for toasted PB & J or with a fresh tomato, goodness, that was the best! So, I'm trying to recapture that and so far I am failing miserably. Last night I made white bread (unbleached white flour, Donna) and It didn't rise. I did everything the recipe said but it didn't work. E liked it, and I ate some, it had a good flavor but to thick and heavy. I know Donna has a good pumpkin bread recipe and if any on else has any, I need them because I am determined to make my own bread. Wonder if there is a video I could rent that would help me?

August 11th is the anniversary of when E was diagnosed with diabetes. 7 yrs. The other day I asked her what she felt about having diabetes and she said "sometimes I like it cuz' I can show people my pump and how I check my finger but sometimes I don't like it when I can't eat what everybody else does or if my blood sugar is high. " I looked at her and I said " you don't ever have to 'like it' Evangeline, you just have to make the best of your situation but you certainly don't have to like it." she just hugged me and buried her head in my chest while fighting back her tears. It's like she thought she had to like it. I went on to tell her that the person with no leg doesn't like that they don't have a leg but they still can have a great thriving life, you just make the best life you can with what you have. She is such a trooper and her and Steele give me more joy then I ever dreamed possible.

I've given up diet coke, so has E. I had started to gain weight and every now and then I would slur my words. One day I got an E-mail concerning Aspretame disease and found that was two real symptoms of it. There is a lot more info. Available about it on the net but in a nut shell, it's bad, real bad. Donna Clyde tried to tell me but I'm just now getting it.

Softball is going good. I look great in my new cleats (they are silver and black!!) and Missy embroidered "featherIron" on a ball cap I had bought that is the exact color of the blue in our jerseys. In the words of Brad Harvey, "Look good, play good." August 15th is my first soccer practice, yes, I am coaching little girls soccer! We live in crazy times! People change all the time, I always say, and if you pray hard and walkout the change needed it sticks after a while so my hope is that I will soon no longer be known as the allergy ridded mom who hates outside. Next thing you know I will be camping and hiking!! Yea, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.

Elen Sila Lumenn Omentielvo
"a star shines on the hour of our meeting"



Anonymous said…
I know this is going to annoy you, but if you're going to take the time to make bread, DO IT RIGHT! As my Dad always yelled at us, "DON'T DO A JOB HALF-A#$ !"

White flour is white flour is white flour - which is bad, bad, bad, bad. It doesn't matter if it's unbleached or not. That just means it's not as honky white.

Use wheat flour with other grains to get maximum nutritional benefit.

Amen, sis'ta.

Peace out.
Carole Turner said…
I wasn't trying to do anything half #@$. I didn't know unbleached was bad, I'm having a hard time keeping track of what isn't.
Anonymous said…
Carole Sue, Happy Birthday!! I love you. 38 just means you're one year closer to us being in the "home" together. Make sure your dough is rising in a warm place. Love, Karen
Great photo of the you and the kids. Please send me the email you were talking about.

38 is great. I tried it out this past February. I think I'll try out 39 next year.

Happy Birthday !!!

Anonymous said…
I gave up Asparatame, too, as far as my wife knows.
Anonymous said…
Hey! - My dad (stepdad) yelled that at us all the time too! It's very hard to resist passing on the tradition... Is it wrong to ask your children not to be "half-butt"?
And forget nutrition... the homemade wheat bread has a better texture and flavor when done well if you ask me.
elisag said…
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elisag said…
Hey, I used to do the bread making thing. I ruined a few loaves myself. I got a bread making book and one thing that helped me make a better loaf is that I never used a measuring cup to scoop out the flour. For bread to be light and airy the flour cannot be packed into the measuring cup. This is what I did...I would open the bag of flour and use a table spoon...stir the flour around and get air in the flour then take the flour out and fill a measuring cup spoon by spoon until reaching the top and level by scraping a knife across the top. I would stir the flour everytime I went to get another spoonful. You can tell it will make it really soft and light seeming. Also sifting is essential. Happy Birthday. I love homemade bread, you'll have to make me some when I come for a visit. Does drinking Diet Coke or the like make a person forgetful or scatter brained...or does that come with age. I seem to be so scatter brained lately...very indecisive too and I have been thinking it could be linked to Splenda or diet stuff....Just wondering! Love ya!
elisag said…
one more Evangeline is so beautiful. I have to ask is that her natural hair color? I can't believe how light blonde it is. Can't wait to see you guys!
Robin said…
I think the perfect bread thing comes with grinding your own wheat. That's what one of my friends has done for years. Not me I buy mine. Girl, 38 is a good number hey but 40's even better. It has to be what's the alternative. Happy Birthday and I luv ya.

Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday my baby girl. Your 38. Wow! that sure makes me feel old. I love you very much. I also love your wonderful husband and my beautiful grandchildren, Evangeline and Steele. I know this is a day late, but just pretend it's still the 10th. Love Mom.
bigshank said…

I'm of the opinion that God wants us to love and be loved and he wants us to thoroughly enjoy what we eat.. That pretty much sums life up.

Bread is really just a vehicle for getting more butter and margarine (with all the trans-fatties) into our diets, and it's is also good for sopping gravy. I think the less-healthy breads are much better for sopping due to their absorbency, but the whole grain breads are hard to beat for getting the butter and margarine into the system. They tend to tear less during the spreading process.

I wish I was a healthy eater, but I'm resolved to the fact that God gave me my wonderful taste buds for a reason. I'm just a great eater. It's one of my gifts.

Aspertame is bad for you jimmy... Because it tastes like butt!!! Just say "no" to butt!! Good ole white sugar is the way to go.

Happy Belated b-day Carole...
Anonymous said…
Can I just say,"AMEN, Wade!!!" Aspertame does taste like butt!!

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