My favorit boy and girl.

"I'm cool even with a lepord print scarf on my head!"
I had to throw in some pictures of my favorite boy and girl!!


How YOU doooooing ....?......

think Joey on Friends
Anonymous said…
I like the minelli. I assume that John did it? I looks great. I love all the other pics, too.
Anonymous said…
Ummmm, do you have any friends or family that could take pictures of you, or do you frequently have to hold the ol' Walgreen's disposable out and click?

I like the "do." It would be a lot shinier, though, if you didn't consume aspartame at such astronomical rates. It tends to dull the hair and cause weakness in the follicles. :)

Anonymous said…
Can you put the camera a little closer? I can barely see you.


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